Social Therapy


Located in Manhattan in the Garment District and near Penn Station

Social therapy uses the power of group interactions to treat your emotional, behavioral, and life challenges and create the tools and confidence to live the life you want. At Psych Options NYC located in Manhattan (in the heart of the Garment District and near Penn Station), Ann Green, NP, brings over 35 years experience helping hundreds of people as a social therapist.   Social therapy is an innovative group-oriented approach that enhances communication, improves one's capacity to listen and to ask for what they need, creates connection with others and helps people face and overcome life's challenges. It's focus is on emotional and social growth and development.  The office offers both in-person and virtual appointments to anyone in New York State.  Schedule an appointment today.

What is social therapy?

Social therapy uses group work to help people overcome life challenges and mental health conditions. As a social therapy specialist, Ann focuses on radically accepting and loving who you are and at the same time, with the support of others, creatively and actively working on who you are becoming (or want to become).  Group therapy is the perfect therapeutic environment for creating who and how you want to be.   

Why are groups essential for social therapy?

Groups are essential for social therapy for three reasons:

Life is relational

We all live in groups - we are social beings - we can only survive and thrive in groups, whether it's family, friends, colleagues, communities.  While emotional pain, regrets or negative thoughts and other emotions are experienced as individuals, they are all socially created and have social impact. We feel better, overcome challenges and transform our lives with the relationships we build.    

By giving your pain, shame and inner conflicts to others, the group creates something new with it all.  Your mental health improves in the activity of creating the environment you need to trust and open up and let people in.   

Everyone is a performer

Everyone has the capacity to perform - to be both who you are and who you are not (yet).  It is this capacity that makes growth and development possible.  Children perform all the time, which is how they develop into who they are becoming. 

Your life and relationships will change as you develop your performace. 

Group therapy helps you see how your performance impacts others and to practice your new performance -- the way you talk, react, and behave with other people.

Social communication supports your health

Human beings are hard-wired to be social. Connecting with others is crucial for cognitive, behavioral, and emotional development. Without friendships and social support, your stress increases, your self-esteem drops, and you put your mental and physical health at risk.

Social therapy uses the group to enhance your ability to communicate, interact with, and build long-lasting connections with people in your life.

What should I expect during social therapy?

At your initial consultation, Ann meets with you, learns about your concerns, finds out what kind of help you're seeking.  She will also offer a psychiatric assessment and determine if you would benefit from medication management. Together you and Ann will determine whether the social therapeutic approach is the best treatment for you.  You will begin with individual therapy and as the therapeutic relationship develops, you will decide together when you are ready to join a group.  

Call Psych Options NYC today or use online booking to learn more about how social therapy can work for you.